Dead Mans Tales

Waking Up Dead

It’s not every day you wake up and stare down at your own dead body. It’s also not every day that you find yourself stuck in a body not your own. Our heroes managed to experience both in the same day.

When our heroes woke, they found themselves in an isolated clearing, starting down at their own dead bodies, bodies that had been arranged in a ritualistic fashion around a large black rock, a rock that slowly swirled with dull grey tendrils under its surface. Runes had been carved into the dead chests of the bodies they used to own. While they attempted to get their bearings, they soon realized that their minds were clouded with two full sets of memories, memories of their life today, and a life nearly 120 years ago. Their memories of their past lives slowly faded, all but the knowledge that these bodies before them were the bodies of the past.

The clearing that contained their bodies contained another surprise: the bloodied and very dead corpse of a wizard, obviously in mid-ritual. Before him were six runed stones corresponding to the runes on their own bodies chests. Today’s bodies, they quickly discovered, were another thing altogether. Covered in tattoos and unique marking numbers, it took very little intuition to realize that the bodies they inhabited were or had been prisoners. However, while each now had the memories of the body they inhabited, none could remember why or how they were imprisoned, or how they arrived here. The heroes quickly attempted to sort through everything they thought they knew.

It was fairly obvious to them that the ritual was imperfect. The combination of dead wizard and fractional memory was proof enough of that. (tbc)


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